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My passion for greatness has set me on the path I’ve found myself on today. In the past years, I have worked in different sectors including banking, construction, and now real estate. In the course of my journey through life as an employee and entrepreneur, I have discovered various facets of my life I never knew existed. Above all, I have also realized that the essence of life is to impact others.


Muibi Kehinde Hammed is the Chief Executive Officer of MKH Group. An award-winning entrepreneur with experience in the real estate and banking sector, Kehinde is a passionate, dedicated and value-driven solution provider in the Nigeria real estate sector.

A perfect blend of Passion and Professionalism

Dr. Muibi Kehinde Hammed is the chairman of MKH Group. Aside from being versatile, he is a resourceful business visionary.

He is an alumnus of EDC Alumni PAU, LBS.
He had his BSc, and MSc, FCIML in Business Administration and Project Management respectively. For his major contribution to real estate, he received Honorary Doctorate in Estate Management and Property Development from the European American University, Republic of Panama.

As a serial entrepreneur, he has vast experience in Business Administration, Project Management, Production, and Retail. He has received other certifications in Estate Development, Sales, and Facility Management from prestigious institutions including the London Business School.

Dr. Muibi K. Hammed is a passionate, dedicated, and value-driven professional in Nigeria. He has raised over 500 investors in real estate in Nigeria and the diaspora. Mentoring people to achieve their goals is his favorite activity.

He is the founder of MKH Supermarket, an investor in the film industry through MKH production, and also a shareholder in a real estate company (Keysight)

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I’m passionate about entrepreneurship in Africa

I am a serial entrepreneur passionate about promoting strategic development in Africa. In view of this, I have established companies across various industries with the aim of providing opportunities in Africa.

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